Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Mom, Her Son, and an iPhone 6 Plus Case

My family has always been into electronics. Not that we're fanatics. Our electronics are just a normal part of daily life, as they've come to be for many people. Still, the gadgets we enjoy take some care, to keep them in optimal condition. iPhones, digital media players, e-readers, and the like, are not the type of thing one wants to replace more often than necessary.

Hence, when my son called me recently, to let me know his new iPhone 6 Plus had arrived, the "mom lecture" automatically rolled off of my tongue, "You'd better get a good case for it!"

We bantered back and forth, discussing the rumored "bending" of these phones. He assured me that this was really a lot of hype, based on a very few instances, and nothing more. Still, my resounding argument was that I have several electronic devices that are still in like-new condition, even after a number of years, and that I have never broken one... not by luck, but due to the use of a good case.

He, again, assured me that he intended to get one. The ensuing discussions eventually brought us to the abundance of choices available from Zazzle.

One of the benefits of shopping these cases at Zazzle, is that there are so many talented artists designing them! The cases run the range of artistic, beautiful, thought-provoking, humorous, stylish, and basically just about anything a person could want. Many are customizable, so you can use the artist's work, and add your own personal touch.

Still, if you have your own design in mind, Zazzle makes it easy. You can add your own digital artwork and/or photos, and use their simple text editor, to create the look and feel you want. The process is easy to understand, and easy to work with.

This is what my discussions with my son led us to do. He emailed me his company logo, and I designed a case with it and his name on it. Of the two options, the "Tough" case or the "Barely There" case, he wanted the tough one. This is the design we decided on:

With this design, a co-worker can simply edit the name, changing it to his or her own name, so each employee has a case that's unique (as some of them have expressed an interest in getting one, too). The style and size of the case is also easily customizable, so whether it's a 6 Plus, a 6, or one of several other editions, brands, or devices, the case will fit and the design can be uniform.

As some of you may be aware, I have been creating various forms of artwork with my photography, on Zazzle, for a number of years. I have continued to be quite happy with what they have to offer. The quality, service, variety, prices, and ease of use, also make Zazzle a wonderful place to shop!

Check out more cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus here, and check out their (beautifully) curated collection here.

Disclosure: I was offered compensation from Zazzle in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own, and the events are real. Published with the appropriate permissions for the use of my son's part of this story and the company logo.

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