Friday, May 11, 2007

Recently I contacted Linda, owner of the "Contestgirl" website for an interview. Here is what she had to say in part one of our series...

Jennifer: How did you get started entering sweepstakes?

Linda: My sister won a cruise holiday in a radio phone-in contest. This piqued my
interest in the idea of entering contests. Since I loved using the internet,
I started to explore to see what online contests I could find. I was
surprised to find very large world of contests and haven't looked back

Jennifer: What are your favorite types of sweepstakes and why?

Linda: My favourite type of sweepstakes are the local ones put on by newspapers, TV
stations, radio stations and even shopping malls. These ones have a much
smaller pool of people entering them, so your chances of winning are much
better. I also actively seek ballot boxes when I'm out and about for the
same reason. Having said that, it's also a lot of fun entering the huge
national or even international contests for really big and exciting prizes,
even if the odds of winning are almost nil, because I can at least enjoy
imagining winning that great trip or whatever the prize might be, and
especially if it's a one-entry only contest, because I don't feel it's a
time waster.

Jennifer: What made you decide to start your own website?

Linda: I decided to start my own website because I had time on my hands (I'm a stay
at home mom), and I thought I could do a good job being a filter for some of
the garbage contests out there. There are so many wonderful and legitimate
contests, but there are also some poor ones, or people who use the format of
contests to get your info for spamming. I saw too many lousy ones being
listed on some of the contest directory sites and wanted to create a site
where there was more of an attempt at filtering those ones out of the pool.
I hope I'm doing a good job of that--it's sometimes just a judgement call.

Next week we will continue with part two. In the meantime, you can visit the Contestgirl HERE

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