Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Great Sweepstakes from Southern Living. Enter daily!

Sweepstakes -

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mutiply Your Sweepstakes Winnings

Some who enjoy sweepstaking like to splurge with their winnings and treat themselves. This can be a lot of fun. Still, over the years, my preference has come to be investing it.

For example, one of my recent winnings was a $25 gift card from This is a social networking site that pays for content with performance pay and bonuses. It also offers one lucky winner each day the chance to win the daily raffle for the above-mentioned $25 gift card. Once you have the card (which you can also earn from paid content) future earnings will also be deposited on it.

Anyways... with my gift card I bought a "Magic Worm Ranch" to farm some nightcrawlers with, and some fishing tackle. I have since been organically harvesting nightcrawlers, and have gathered enough to pay for the ranch, and then some.

Since I live on the river, now-when my son comes home for the summer, we will have an abundant supply of nightcrawlers to go fishing with. We both enjoy fishing, so it will give us some fun times, plus it will put the equivalent of hundreds of dollars worth of fish in the freezer.

Thus, the $25 winnings is multiplied into several hundred dollars worth of fish by investing it this way, plus my son and I get to have a lot of fun. This is why I like to invest my winnings. It, too, is fun. - Guess the Secret Sound & WIN Instantly!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Day at the Kentucky Derby... In My Living Room

Saturday brought the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby, the first race of what is now commonly referred to as the Triple Crown. Sloppy track conditions continued to be an issue throughout the day, with rain bringing a steady onslaught of aggravating conditions. This made the front row seat in my living room, in front of my 48 inch HDTV, one of the best seats in the house for watching the race. Conditions were right, despite the fact that my three Labradors and I had no bartender to serve mint juleps.

I was rooting for Backtalk. Although his last few races were not his best, he had made a great start early in his career, and my hope was that this race could easily be his comeback, and bring him out as the great horse he is marked as. A quick trip to the store for some nachos and cheese and some celebratory dog treats for my compadres, and I was all set. ESPN started the day, rolling into NBC at three in the afternoon. My anticipation rose as the race neared. I had a contest entry riding on it that could win me a thousand dollars towards the purchase of a horse with West Point Thoroughbreds.

Just minutes before the race, the sun came out, wreaking more havoc for the jockeys on an already difficult track, with glare now paired with mud. As the horses came out for the jockeys to mount, I noticed that Backtalk looked disinterested, so my concern was heightened.

A few brief minutes later my hopes for getting the downpayment for that horse were dashed. Super Saver was the bet of the day, with wet track form, even according to his jockey (the same man who rode "Mine That Bird" to an amazing victory in last year's derby). He won the race. Ice Box came in second, with Paddy O'prado finishing third.

Super Saver's Jockey, Calvin Borel, states that his goal is to go all the way and win the Triple Crown.

Oh, woe is me, the horse that I was rooting for didn't win. Backtalk didn't do well on the muddy track, and seems to have lost interest, finishing last. I wondered if he may be bored with the race. However, Super Saver did win, which gave me an entry into another contest at NBC to win VIP seats at next year's derby!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweepstakes for City Chicks (or for Chicken Lovers Everywhere)

Mother Earth News has a comprehensive section on its website which covers the topic of "Community Chickens". "What's this?!", you might say. Well, in a nutshell, it has to do with the rising popularity of raising chickens in a city or other backyard setting.

Being a chicken lover myself, and having raised chickens in a farm setting in the past, I have found this to be quite an intriguing subject. Of course, being the sweepstaker that I am... lo and behold, what did I stumble across at Mother Earth News today but a sweepstakes to win the perfect setup for raising chickens in a backyard or patio garden scenario!

One lucky Grand Prize Winner will walk away with "The Pull It Coop", a combined coop and run valued at $2,195, that will house up to six chickens with style. This comes complete with indoor nest boxes and roost bar, and a wire mesh enclosed outdoor section for chickens to enjoy some fresh air and frolicking!

Unfortunately, there is some discrepancy in the rules, so the actual end date of this sweepstakes is unclear. The rules state that it is a long running sweepstakes that will end on December 31, 2010. However, it also states that a winner will be chosen on September 1, 2010 or within a reasonable time thereafter, so my suggestion is to enter early. This is a highly reputable Magazine, so I don't find it to be too much of a concern as I'm sure they will fix the error.

One entry is allowed per email address, so the chances of winning are fair enough to make it worthwhile. Once you've entered, there are currently two more opportunities to win with the Ultimate Garden Giveaway and the Organic Bedroom Giveaway.

Enter the Chicken Coop Giveaway at Mother Earth News

Find out more about Community Chickens at

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Contest for Bloggers Who Cook!

The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission is having another great contest with a $2,000 Grand Prize for one lucky winner. Three runners up will walk away with $400 each!

Judges are looking for original quick recipes of any kind (breakfast, lunch, etc.), with sweet potatoes as the main ingredient. Judging is based on the following three criteria:

1. Ease of preparation
2. Taste
3. Use of sweet potato

Once the creation is mastered, entrants must post the recipe and a picture of it on their blog, and send and email to with the following information:

Entrant's name and blog name
Entrant's email and mailing address
Entrant's phone number
A link to the recipe
Where the entrant (you!) heard about the contest (Here at Sweepstaking Dreams, of course!)

Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on March 29, 2010, so start cooking!

When entering recipe contests, always remember to use precise measurements, make instructions clear and easy to follow, and use a photo that is well lit and looks appetizing. It is also preferable to use a limited number of ingredients (not to go overboard with too much stuff, in other words) and to keep it simple enough for most people to make.

Find out more about this contest at

Good Luck!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Contests Galore - Enter more than 50 at Writerspace!

The monthly contest at Writerspace is a big one. It offers an abundance of prizes like author signed books, complete trilogies, bundles of previously released books, and much more. The prizes come from many authors, so entrants can pick and choose which prizes to enter for.

Links to author websites make it easy to find out more about your favorites, whether it be Stella Cameron, Christina Dodd, Nicole Jordan (who is offering a pair of vintage earrings with a choice of 1 of 5 Courship Wars novels) or any other. Though these contests come from Writerspace, this is the way to enter, through the author website link.

Although the bulk of the prizes here are in the romance genre, other prizes such as gift cards will still take care of a non-fiction lover, or someone who likes a good scary book. Anyone who loves to read will find something to enjoy here. Even a coffee lover will find a pretty mug!

One entry per month per contest is allowed. Winners are drawn on the first day of each month.

Find them HERE.

Good Luck!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Product of the Day from HGTV Pro - The sweepstakes that lets you pick your prize!

HGTV Pro has had an ongoing sweepstakes for some time now called the "Product of the Day". Each day a different product is featured, thus allowing entries for up to seven unique daily prizes each week.

One winner is chosen for each week. Weekly winners are then allowed to choose one prize from all days entered for that week. So, if a winner had entered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, s/he would have a choice of the three prizes that were featured on those days. A winner that enters every day will have a choice of all seven prizes for that week.

The prizes are usually a high quality product that someone could use around the home. Some of the prizes for this week include today's prize of a Kohler Multifunction Showerhead valued at $218.69, tomorrow's prize of a Scooba Floor-Washing Robot valued at $269.98, and Sunday's prize of a Cuisinart Brick Oven valued at $160.98.

The winner for this week's sweepstakes will be chosen on Monday, once next weeks entries have begun.

Enter HERE

Good Luck! Personalized Cross and Engraved Pens

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Writers contest - Win exposure with Woman's Day Magazine!

Woman's Day Magazine and the American Library Association are looking for essays of up to 700 words on the value of your local library to you and to your community.

One to four winners will be chosen to have their essays published in the March 2011 issue of the magazine and/or on its Web Site (with full credit to the author, including photo), and potentially with the American Library Association.

Essays will be judged on the following three things:

1) Originality
2) Clarity of ideas
3) Grace of expression

Entries must be sent to no later than noon Eastern Time on May 9, 2010.

Find out more HERE

Good Luck!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three ways to win! is offering a $5,000 Grocery Giveaway, open until April 30, 2010. Although the overall chances are slim for one entry to win on this one, what it does offer is three ways to enter, giving virtually unlimited opportunities to increase your chances with.

Daily online entries are allowed at both and (one entry at each site per day). Along with these, postal entries can be sent in as often as you'd like.

To enter via postal mail -

Send a postcard with your name, complete address, telephone number and email address to:

The "$5,000 Cash" Giveaway
Brought to you by: and
c/o US Sweepstakes & Fulfillment Co.
625 Panorama Trail, Building 2 Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14625

Be sure to postmark it by the April 30th deadline. It must be received by May 7th.

Enter online at and it will give you the link to enter on, and vice versa.

Good Luck! - Guess the Secret Sound & WIN Instantly!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Back in action...

After taking some time out and going through some changes, it's time to get back to blogging once more. Subscribe to Sweepstaking Dreams for continuing coverage of contests, sweepstakes, and anything related!


As spring approaches, our thoughts begin to turn to yard work and flowers and all of the beautiful things we can do with our landscapes throughout these next few months.

If you feel your front yard is in desperate need of help to get there, DIY Network is offering a great contest to get you up and running. Upload a video of 10 minutes or less, or some photos of that desperate yard to the America's Most Desperate Landscape contest and you may get the chance to compete against other finalists on the Today Show for a landscape makeover!

This contest ends May 3, 2010. Be sure to read the official rules thoroughly before submitting, as judging will be tightly adhered to!

Good Luck!

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