Friday, February 2, 2007

Donna Dewberry started out as a homemaking expressionist, decorating her home with what she had available. Developing her career early on by painting designs on tin surfaces, she ended up creating art history with a unique style she designed called "One Stroke" painting. This technique has now become famous with 4,500 teachers worldwide. She now offers over seventy books and thirty instructional videos.

If you are a "One Stroke" painting fan, Donna Dewberry and Home Shopping Network are having an original art contest that could suit your style. There will be prizes awarded in four categories, Home Decor, Fashion Fabric, Glass and Ceramics, and One Stroke Painting Instructor. In all four categories, submitted entries must use the FolkArt brand of paints.

The First Place winners in the Home Decor, Fashion Fabric, and Glass and Ceramics categories will be flown to St. Petersburg, Florida with $270 expense money, where they will attend a four hour painting class with Donna Dewberry. They will also be awarded a $250 HSN shopping spree and will appear on HSN TV during one of Donna's Shows.

Second place winners in those same categories will receive $500 worth of Plaid Craft products and a $100 HSN shopping spree, and those in third place will be awarded $250 worth of Plaid Craft products and a $50 HSN shopping spree.

If any of the winners in the above-mentioned categories designate having a certified instructor, their teacher will also be awarded a prize ranging from $200 to $500 in value.

For entries in the One Stroke Painting Instructor category, the First Place prize is $500 in Plaid Craft products and a $500 HSN shopping spree, Second Place is $250 in Plaid Craft products and a $250 HSN shopping spree, and Third Place is $100 in Plaid Craft products and a $100 HSN shopping spree.

To enter, submit a photo of your original artwork no later than February 18, 2007, either by mail or by email. Find out more Here .

By Jennifer L. Thompson

Donna Dewberry's Complete Book of One-Stroke Painting

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Beauty and the Geek is a reality show by executive producers Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, where eight "socially impaired" males and eight" academically impaired but gorgeous" females are paired for a chance to win $250,000. Each contestant is required to pass certain challenges in order to move on to the next round.

In this weeks episode, the geeks were assigned a dog, and were challenged to use it as a "chick magnet" to see how many phone numbers they could receive from ladies passing by. The winning geek scored seven. The beauties had to build a dog house in under an hour, with only the tools they were assigned, which were then judged by a professional dog house maker.

Watch Beauty and the Geek on The CW Television Network, Wednesdays at 8/7 Central, for your chance to win a three day/two night trip for two to Las Vegas. The trip will include round-trip airfare, hotel accomodations, and a gift cheque for $200 redeemable at participating restaurants, with a total approximate retail value of $1,850.

Each week, one male and one female sweepstakes participant will be chosen, for a total of ten grand prize winners.

To enter, follow this link and answer four questions surrounding the show, as per instructions. (The answers you provide need not be correct in order for your entry to be valid.) Enter weekly as entries are not held over for the next show.

You can also apply to be a contestant HERE

By Jennifer L. Thompson

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In the world of contests and sweepstakes, there are simple ways to use skill to increase your luck in winning. Some have to do with the way you enter, others are matters of creating a positive attitude. This is the final article in our three part series. You can find part two HERE.

Enter Contests Whenever Possible

Most contests rely on some type of skill. Look at your strengths, and utilize them to help you win. If you are a trivia nut, enter trivia contests. If you love to cook, enter cooking contests. There are fishing contests for anglers, talent contests for musicians and writers, and just about anything else you can come up with, so don't doubt that there is a contest in the area where your strengths shine.

Release Expectations

This utilizes skills in building patience, which is a necessary part of the process. It also helps with enjoying what you are doing in the present, and not getting caught up in what the future results will be. Enjoying the fun and relaxation offered in what you are doing now is what will keep you going, and in keeping going you know that you will in turn increase good luck and win. Releasing expectations also releases stress. There is a difference between expecting it and knowing it. Expectations can stem from a belief that something will happen. This type of knowing comes from realizing that things are already set in place in order for it to happen. You may not know exactly when or how often it will happen, you just know that it will.

Picture Yourself With What You Wish to Receive

Stories abound about those who have won large amounts of cash and then went broke a short while later. A sudden influx of wealth into one's life will undoubtedly create some changes, and for one who isn't prepared for it, this may be followed by making some rough decisions. By preparing yourself mentally you will increase your skills in making the proper choices, and also create good luck by developing a knowing that the winning will come.

If you need a new vehicle, envision yourself as already driving it. If you want cash, picture yourself as already being debt-free. There's no need to spend an inordinate amount of time in doing it, a few short minutes when you have a chance throughout the day will suffice.

Keep in mind that these are just rules of thumb, so be creative. Sometimes you will have more time to devote than you will at others, so be easy on yourself and always remember to keep it fun. That's part of the gift of increasing luck!

By Jennifer L. Thompson

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