Friday, April 27, 2007

Limbo 41414

Limbo 41414 is a free reverse bid game where you can "bid" for prizes (at no charge) and the lowest unique bid wins! You can play from your cellphone as well. Text PLAY to the short code 41414 for a current list of auctions.

How to Avoid Sweepstakes Scams

The Federal Trade Commission (chief consumer protection agency of the U.S. government) has an alert on file warning consumers of sweepstakes scammers posing as government officials who would claim that their prey had won a prize, then ask for money in order to send it. The scammers would end up being the only ones to receive any money, and the would-be prize winner would be holding the bill. The alert goes on further to state several timeless ways that these scams can be avoided.

#1 Don't pay to collect sweepstakes winnings

If you are required to pay anything, then pass it by. Legitimate sweepstakes won't ask you to pay anything in order to receive your prize. Some promotional contests do ask for a shipping and handling fee... however, in the end, it is more often than not, a lot of red tape and extra fees which could end you up with nothing.

#2 Hold on to your money

Scammers will sometimes ask you to wire them money, or to overnight them a check or money order for quick delivery of your prize. No, no, no. These are not legitimate tactics. True sweepstakes sponsors want you to have a wonderful experience with their company and product, which does not include asking you to pay for their promotion in any way.

#3 Look-alikes aren't the real thing

If it looks, smells, and feels like an orange, then go ahead and eat it. However, in the sweepstakes realm, just because someone says your prize is insured doesn't necessarily ensure its delivery. Phonies can give false appearances, sometimes posing as being insured by a legitimate agency... which generally doesn't mean anything at all. So, don't let it lull you into a false sense of security.

#4 Phone numbers can deceive

Don't rely on your caller id to be a totally reliable source of information. Internet technology can allow scam artists to "disguise" their phone number so you won't know where they are calling from. Someone could have a number from Washington, D.C. show up on your telephone when they are really calling you from Siberia.

#5 Take control of the calls you receive

Place your telephone number on the do not call registry at or by calling 1-888-382-1222 to help reduce the amount of unwanted phone calls.

#6 File a complaint with the FTC

If you receive a suspicious winning phone call, file a complaint with the FTC at, or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP. If possible, include the date and time of the call along with the name and/or telephone number of the organization that called you. Even if it is a phony number, enforcement officials may still be able to track it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Alltel My Circle 500 Go-Kart Race and Pit-Crew Challenge is a two-level event with a go-kart race for ten first prize winners, and a pit-crew challenge for teams of the first prize winners and seven to ten of their guests.

The ten first prize winners will receive a trip for up to ten, yet not less than seven, people to Charlotte, North Carolina on May 24 - 27, 2007 to participate in the Alltel My Circle 500 Go-Kart Race and Pit-Crew Challenge, with an opportunity to meet Ryan Newman and the #12 Alltel Dodge team. Included is round-trip airfare with hotel accomodations and various VIP treatments.

With this they will also receive one wireless handset and accessory with a value of $340, and upon meeting all requirements of the challenge along with their guests will also be awarded a single corporate check in the amount of $13,257.00 (good for paying the the taxes), bringing the total value of each first prize to approximately $39,331.00.

Practice is on Friday, with the race on Saturday. Anyone in the race who beats the established time of Ryan Newman will be awarded a one second deduction from their pit crew time.

The Pit-Crew Challenge will include each team member performing a standard pit crew duty on a standard-sized race car, with the team having the fastest time receiving a $200,000 award. In the event that time beats the industry standard of 14.5 seconds, an extra $300,000 will be added, for a total Grand Prize of $500,000.

Anyone who is currently, or who ever was, a professional or semi-professional motorsports driver, crew member, or coach is ineligible for the challenge.

Ten weekly prizes are also awarded. This week's prizes are $100 Mobil Gas Cards. One entry per weekly drawing, so this is your last chance to enter... the end date is April 30, 2007.

To enter from your cell phone, send a text message to the short code 67783. Some cell carriers may not work with this type of service.

You may also enter online Here .

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