Monday, June 11, 2007

Miller Lite is offering an interactive sweepstakes that allows you to "build" your ultimate summer Jeep, then gives you a chance to win it! You will also be offered the opportunity to fill out a Miller Lite survey, though there is no obligation to. Entrants must be twenty-one years of age or older to enter the site, one entry per person/email address per day. Sweepstakes ends July 31, 2007.

Your sweepstakes host, Mad Mike, patiently, and sometimes not-so-patiently, walks you through the entry process, and offers comments and input, along with showing you pictures of the jeep you are building throughout the process. It is actually quite an entertaining sweepstakes to enter, though it may not work well with slower internet connections.

To start off, you will be asked to choose your paint style. The choices include: micro blue, flame thrower, urban legend. Along with this you choose your interior. Interior choices are: speed style, lounge lizard, and casual comfort. Once you make your choice, you can hit the "show me" button, and Mike "draws" you a realistic-looking picture of it. Then you are offered the option to keep it, or to trash it and choose a different style. Taking too long to make any one of your choices will bring on some infernal ribbing from Mike.

The next choice is rims and tires. Available selections are: twist-off, lollipop, liquid gold, dirt flirt, nite lite, and 360 degrees. Upon making your final choice in this area, it's on to thesound system. You may choose "party starter", "drive-in", "center stage", or "after hours".

The final choice is the "blow it out" section. This area allows you to customize the final prize package. There are four different categories to choose from, and you are allowed to pick five prizes from within your chosen category to go along with your Jeep.

The first category is: "I'm a beach bum". Prize choices for this category are: a surfboard, slide, hammock, tiki torches, volleyball net, ice cream station, baloon launcher, lawn chairs, beach awning, and a shower.

The "I kick it by the campfire" category offers the following options: a grill, tent, kayaks, awning, picnic table, torches, hammock telescope, firepit, and satellite.

In the"sports, sports, and more sports" category you will find: a volleyball net, basketball hoop, goal posts, practice nets, pop-a-shot, massage chairs, scoreboard, P.A. system, floodlights, and a bicycle rack.

The final category of "block party, anyone?" allows the options of: turntables, buffet table, misters, basketball hoop, disco ball, dance floor, dance lights, dance video game, big screen, and a popcorn machine.

Upon making your final choices, hit the "win it" button to move forward and decide whether you want to register the jeep and prize package you've created in order to receive a chance to win it, or if you would prefer to share it with others, or design another one. You may design one Jeep package per day for your chance to win it, more if you'd just like something to play with. Should you choose to register your design, you will be sent an email with the link so you can go back and look at the your chosen package for that day.

You can enter this sweepstakes HERE

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