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Everything and a Happy Ending by Tia Shurina - Review

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Everything and a Happy Ending Book Review

My Review

When I first agreed to review this book, I had no idea what the content might be. This keeps things unbiased, and always makes for an interesting discovery. When it arrived, I was quite surprised to see that it was an uncommon book, and I was pleased.

What I found was a poignant recount of one woman's spiritual journey. Now, what some of you may not know about me is that I am a Reiki Master-Teacher and an ordained healing minister through the World Reiki Ministry. Hence, I took a special interest in this woman's story.

As I read the introductory pages, it was easy to see that this was a woman struggling with her spiritual path. It was difficult to follow in those first few pages. However, I could still understand, maybe through my years of training, that this was the beginning of the "sorting it all out" that many do experience. It fell into place.

As the book goes on, it walks the reader through the struggles and joys of her relationships with three key men in her life, and her quest to keep her spiritual nature and practices central to her life.

She takes us through some childhood issues with her dad, and then on to the healing of these issues and the creation of a beautiful bond between them. I cried with her when she relayed the experiences of his death.

Then, there is her husband, and the subsequent struggle to end a long-term relationship. This part includes some of the subtle (and maybe not so subtle) difficulties that can occur when only one partner is really into spiritual growth.

Then, there is the affair with a married man, who now happens to be famous (he wasn't when they first met). This carries a lot of the typical behaviors that do happen in these relationships. Him stringing her along, making her wait, her being the good woman that will, all those reasons why he still can't leave his wife, her being a secret who can't have a part in his daily life, and many more.

One thing I found interesting about this book is the style it is written in. It is first person, but it isn't actually written in story form. A lot of the details are missing, so it is, at times, difficult to put the pieces together and follow any story from the physical realm.

However, what you do get is the emotions, high and low, anxiety and guilt, joy and sorrow, and everything in between. What I found it to be like is listening to an old friend pour her heart and soul out to you, and you just listen. With that old friend, you would know a lot about her, so the details could be missing and you would still know the whole story.

Yet we do not. You will get the gist of it, though. I think that is the main point. It isn't really meant to story the things of the physical realm, but to share the spiritual journey through it.

Storyline aside, I enjoyed the insights she provided. She was very candid and didn't bother with the fairytale view that so many incorrectly believe is the stuff of spiritual living. It is hard work, it takes a lot of devotion, and it's often peppered with times of upheaval and times of turmoil. One must continuously self-evaluate and adjust to the higher self, which means shedding the less-advanced one. She portrayed this cycle well.

I also enjoyed her positive outlook and countless expressions of gratitude. Her thoughts and prayers were based in these things. There was nothing grim in this book, though it did encompass a number of traumas and hardships. A lot of her journey was about trusting in the Universe to bring everything about at the perfect time, and knowing when that time arrived it was the right time to take action. Yet, always being grateful for the whole of any experience and what it gave to you.

I think it is a rare thing to find someone so willing to bare their soul in this manner. Though this isn't just a woman's book, it did leave me feeling a kinship to women, in particular. We aren't that different, after all.


EAAHE, a memoir published by Mascot Books, details the journey & soulful shift of her story as Tia shares her holy grail & trail she took to transform her life. After moving through her own metamorphosis she then helped an old friend, Ray Romano, move through his own transition, going with the flow very privately, but most profoundly.

“My journey almost destroyed me. Almost. Boy have I come to like that word. What a pleasurable word almost can be. You may almost be ready to buy my book. You may almost be ready to begin an amazing new journey of your own. You may almost be over that rainbow Judy Garland sings about. What great potential almost can hold if you can flip your way of thinking. Just imagine, controlled pessimism, doubt & fear flipped into blind optimism, faith & love.”

That flip helped Tia move to a place where heaven meets earth…the pearly gates of her own happy ending. Changing the ending for her story brought a pure, precious, peace of heart, but kicked her butt a bit as she made her way…committed to keeping her faith. The book was a Plan C, maybe even D, but Tia was determined, after a dedicated intention & divine decision to start swimming more with the current of her life, instead of bucking that flow. Her ordinary, relatable story took an extraordinary, fantastical turn when she showed the Universe she was committed to her intention & her desire to be given an opportunity to make some new, different choices. EAAHE is a memoir that shares the “how’d that happen?” & the “how’d she do that?” in a holy hope of helping others to see life in a new way.

EAAHE recounts 3 inter-connected relationships & love stories that enabled Tia to love truly, deeply, & most of all, love herself. Three special circles she rounded with Ray, her dad, & her ex-husband. A true woman’s full circle journey to learn how to really trust, how to “thine own self be true”, & then, the real & true love it led her ‘round back to. It shares how the power of love & a journey to intimacy helped her make a faithful flip which began a sacred circle & new chapter…one that would allow a different ending for a story she had begun writing for herself when she was much younger. One that Tia feels strongly will inspire other women of a certain age to keep faith that it’s not too late to write a new ending for their own, as they embrace their history, not try to re-write.

Tia is, most days, filled with joy. She is, every day, filled with peace. She looks forward to a happy ending each new day now, however it unfolds, whomever it holds, & whatever way the Universe molds, as she continues to create a new “happily ever after”, staying committed to rising above her fears, moving out of her comfort zones, and going with the flow of her life.

Here is what the customers are saying about the book on Amazon -

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Happy Holidays!!

Happy, happy holidays! I hope you are all in the spirit, and are ready for this weekend. In case you are still feeling a little stressed with your preparations, a little comedy just might be the cure. So, I thought today would be a good day to take a break, and offer you one of those classic holiday movies that's sure to put a good laugh into your day!


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Monday, December 19, 2016

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