Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Do you have a level of expertise in some area of life that you would like to share with others? Do you have an urge to write about your experience, yet don't know how to get started? Then these contests could be for you.

Associated Content, "The People's Media Company", presently has several contests for registered content producers. Registration is quick and simple, and once registered, you can participate in one or all of them.

First off is the "People's Media Awards". These awards are offered annually, and paid out a total of $10,000 cash last year in categories such as "Editors Pick for Best Content of the Year" ($1,250), "Editor's Pick for Best CP of the Year ($1,250), "Most Prolific Content Producer" ($500), and more. These prizes are open to any contributing member offering quality content.

Next are the "Content Challenges". These change monthly and offer prizes upwards of $125. Members can participate in creating challenges, as well, by offering ideas in the AC forum. Content Challenges are announced via the member's personal message centers, and those who wish to participate can then write an article according to the challenge criteria. Some of the previous challenges have included "Valentine's Day Challenge" and "Black History in Your City".

Finally is the "AC Sticker Placement Contest". Members are able to request AC stickers, which are then sent by postal mail. Once the stickers are received, place your sticker in a creative venue with high visibility and take a picture of it. Placement must offer an effective way of promoting AC and must show an ability to attract attention, so, again, be creative. Entries must be in .jpg or.gif format and are to include your name and a brief explanation of the placement of the sticker. This is a monthly contest with a $25 award.

Various other contests are also available throughout the year, so many opportunities to win are available. Participation is easy... After registering, just log in and go to the "My Account" tab, then click on "Ways to Win" for all the details.

Should you choose not to participate in the contests and only wish to register as a content producer, Associated Content also offers the opportunity to receive payment and/or bonuses for your work, so if you are interested in finding a venue to share your work, you might like to investigate the site anyways.

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