Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The African Association of State Lotteries came together in 1981. The association meets regularly to provide training, and to exchange information and experience. There are currently about twenty-five countries that hold membership, with fifteen of these participating on a regular basis. They are looking to expand their membership of countries in order to provide a unified group with strength and credibility in a worldwide community.

The association states their duty as:

"Our duty in The Africa Association of state lotteries is to gather all the lotteries and state- run betting systems and create among them strong links of solidarity and understanding, it is also creating a mutual assistance, a share of informations and synergies for the management of the lotteries as well as the systems and operatting technology among the companies of games of chance in Africa."

The organization is funded by contributions, grants, subsidies, and member fees.

Some of the countries included in the association's current membership are:









and more.

The majority of the currently participating countries focus on equestrian betting and scratch tickets.

Some facts that you may find interesting about Africa are:

Africa is the second largest world continent, covering about twelve million square miles and accounting for about twenty-two percent of the world's land mass.

South Africa actually has a colony of penguins

There are over 800 languages and dialects spoken by African inhabitants

The smallest butterfly in the world, the Blue Dwarf with a wingspan of only 1/2 inch, lives in South Africa

an estimated 3,000 African children under the age of five die each day from malaria

Find out more about the African Association of State Lotteries HERE

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