Friday, February 12, 2016

Win Something for Your Selfie!

Everybody loves a good selfie. Now, there's hundreds of thousands of reasons to love them even more! Today's sweepstakes give you the chance to win big with your selfie. You could win everything from candy bars, to debit cards, to a year's supply of dog food, some even instantly!

Then, there are some things you might not believe you could win for your selfie, if you didn't see it with your own two eyes! Today's bonus offers a trip for two to Albuquerque, NM, attendance at a "Better Call Saul" event, and a year's worth of Cinnapacks from Cinnabon!

Of course, if you're not into selfies, the grand prize from Snickers might just change your mind. How does $100,000 sound for your selfie! Sounds pretty good, to me...

USA Pro Plan WKC Dog Selfie Sweepstakes

For this sweeps, you must enter a selfie with your dog. You may alternately enter via Twitter. For this method, you must follow USA Network on Twitter, and tweet your selfie using the hashtag #WKCSELFIESWEEPSTAKES. Entries are not judged.

* Grand prize is a one year supply of Purina Pro Plan dog food. ARV $599.85.

One entry per day, regardless of method of entry. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., at least 18 and the age of majority. Ends February 29, 2016.

Snickers “Who Are You When You’re Hungry?” Game & Sweepstakes

For this game, you must enter a selfie with a Snickers. You may alternately enter it by texting the word Snickers to short code 87654.

* Grand prize is $100,000 and a 48-count carton of personalized Snickers Bars. Total ARV $100,071.

Instant Win Prizes:

* 500 First prizes, each a $25 pre-paid debit card. ARV $25, each.

* 150,000 Second prizes, each a coupon redeemable for one Snickers Bar. ARV $1.49, each.

One play per email address per day. Open to legal residents of the United States and D.C., who are the legal age of majority. Ends April 18, 2016.

Today's Bonus

For this one, you must go to a Cinnabon location and take a selfie with the Better Call Saul (“Gene”) standee. Entry by Twitter, with the hashtag #SaulSelfie. Ends February 22, 2016.
Cinnabon Selfie Sweepstakes - Rules

Good Luck!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Win Prizes from Kung Fu Panda, J.P. Wiser, and Lays!

Today brings an abundance of opportunity! First, you have the opportunity to win a fabulous cruise, a year's worth of cereal, some swag, or four movie tickets, all from Kung Fu Panda. What a thrill!

Next, there is the opportunity to build the man cave of your dreams! Well, maybe it could even become a woman cave. Perhaps it would even end up being a family cave. No tears shed, that way. Unless Dad cries... In any event, the $20,000 that J.P. Wiser is giving away should get it done!

Finally, Lay's is giving away another fabulous bundle of cash, to the tune of $250,000! Do with it what you want!

The Kung Fu Panda Awesome Adventure Giveaway

Use the code PoPowerCrunch to play the instant win without making a purchase. This code may be used once daily. Once you've entered codes on five days, you receive an additional five entries into the sweepstakes.

* Grand prize includes two seven-night Royal Caribbean Cruise certificates, each redeemable for a double-occupancy state room for up to two people, and up to $4,000 awarded as a check made payable to the winner ($1,000 per traveling guest). Total ARV $10,800.

* Four bonus prizes, each a year's worth of MOM brands cereal. Total ARV $338, each.

Instant win prizes:

* 100 - Kung Fu Panda Swag Bag Prizes. ARV $115, each.

* 300 - Movie Ticket Prizes. ARV $44, each.

From what I can gather, this is a single entry sweeps via the entry form, with several ways to earn bonus entries. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., 13 or older. Minors must have parental consent. Ends May 31, 2016.

Wiser's T2 Man Cave Sweepstakes

* Grand prize is $20,000. ARV $20,000.

One entry per person/email address per day. Open to legal residents of the U.S. and D.C., 21 or older. Ends April 30, 2016.

Lay's Flavor Swap Sweepstakes

This sweeps offers daily entries through the above link, and by text, and via social platforms (Twitter, etc.). See rules for instructions on the various methods of entry.

* Grand prize is $250,000. ARV $250,000.

* One Daily prize each day, each $1,000. ARV $1,000.

One entry per day per platform per person/email address/phone number/social account. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States, D.C., and Puerto Rico, 18 or older. Ends March 21, 2016.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Murchison-Hume Home Starter Kit Giveaway!

Welcome to today's giveaway! Here, you have the chance to win a Home Starter Kit from Murchison-Hume, chock full of natural cleaners, and free of harsh chemicals. What luck!

Thank you for your participation!

Murchison-Hume Home Starter Kit giveaway

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Hosted by: Michigan Saving and More

Thanks to all the promoting blogs!

This contest ends 2/29!

1 winner will win

Murchison-Hume Home Starter Kit giveaway

Murchison-Hume Home Starter Kit

$59.00 rv

See the review HERE.

Save 20% on any order at! Simply enter the code MomsMeet20 at checkout. (Valid through March 31, 2016)

This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated, or associated with Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site. You are not eligible if you have won a prize from any of the sponsors in the last 12 month. This Giveaway is valid in the Continental United States Only and Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter. This giveaway event will end at 11:59 PM (EST) 2/29/16. The winners will have 48 hours to email their information back to las93063 at gmail dot com or a new winner will be drawn, you may want to put this email address as safe as it could go to spam. The sponsors are each responsible for shipping of the above prizes. No blog associated with this contests are responsible for prize fulfillment. If you would like to be a sponsor in a giveaway like this please email Laura Smith at las930 (at)gmail (dot) com.

Also we all “love it if you like us” on Facebook! If you like our blogs on social media it helps us bring you only the best giveaways and more of them!


Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt - Excerpt, Review, and Giveaway!



Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt

They seek him here; they seek him there. For centuries, the elite of the world have sought the Pimpernel everywhere. Some want to kill him, others want to hire him, but Jack Cavanaugh knows that the love/hate relationship comes with the job title.

At present, Jack is trying to dismantle an investment scheme centered in Las Vegas, but "trying" is the operative word. It's been a month since he put the face of the scheme behind bars, yet the scam is still going strong. As Jack tries to uncover who has stepped in as the new head, what miniscule evidence there is all seems to point him back to Claire Ramsey, an introverted PhD student studying at UNLV.

If ever there as an unlikely head of a investment scheme, Claire's it. She has a genius IQ, but from all Jack has seen, Claire’s intelligence is as much a blessing as a curse when paired up with her acute OCD. Claire can barely make conversation with the cute guy down the hall, which makes it hard to believe she could be the charismatic salesperson who is getting international businessmen to invest $5—50 million a pop.

So what is Jack missing? What is the real story behind Claire Ramsey? And once Jack learns it, will he be able to walk away?

amazon get it


The high-pitched scream from the other side of her apartment door shattered Claire’s thoughts.

“Daniel?” That shriek had been way too high to come out of a man.

“Help!” Daniel’s voice cried out from the other side of the door.

Claire unlocked the door and pushed it open, finding Daniel cowering on the couch in sailor-themed boxer briefs. Classical music played from his bedroom, indicating Daniel had been sewing before he ended up on the couch. On the ground between them lay the lounge robe Daniel had made in his fashion design class along with his house slippers. They looked like they’d been flung at random.

“Move!” he shrieked at her, stabbing his finger at the ground like a mad man. “Take the high ground and leave the door open. Maybe it will go back to the gates of hell, where it belongs!”

Claire followed the direction of his manic gesturing, freezing when her eyes locked on something the size of her fist with eight hairy legs. “Daniel? Please tell me that is a toy.”

“That. Is. NOT. A. Toy!”

The spider chose that moment to make its move—which happened to be sprinting her way.

Claire shrieked as Daniel motioned for her to join him on the couch. “High ground!”

Was he insane? She would have to leap over the tarantula to get to him. Why in the world would she do that when she could just run away and go to a hotel for the night?

“Voldemort?” a man’s voice said from behind her a split second before Claire backed into a male body blocking her retreat. Not only did Claire scream, but her body was suddenly possessed by an Olympic hurdler as she scampered across the living room and flung herself into Daniel’s arms on the couch.

“You found her!” a flagpole of a man from the doorway said as Claire latched onto Daniel, hiding her face against his shoulder. If she didn’t see the spider, maybe it would cease to exist.

“Found it?” Daniel scoffed. “That thing tried to duel me for my sandwich before I batted him off my kitchen table.”

Claire shuttered, only vaguely realizing that the shoulder she was hiding her face in was bare. I’ve never hugged a guy who was only wearing underwear before, she thought a moment before Daniel pulled her keys out of her hand and flung them at the ground to join his slippers and robe.

“Don’t chase it this way!” Daniel yelled at the other guy.

“Come on, Voldemort,” the spider guy cooed. “Let’s get you back into your habitat—Don’t run!

Wait, it was running? Claire didn’t want to see that, yet something compelled her to turn and look anyway.

People always said that horrible things seemed to happen in slow motion, but Claire could have sworn the giant arachnid was coming at her in fast-forward mode. In a heartbeat, she had climbed up to ride piggyback on Daniel while he responded by flapping his hands in panic as if he could fan the thing away with a light breeze.

Not only did the spider keep running, it was sprinting like an arachnid with a plan—heading straight for the couch. When Daniel backed away, Claire felt her back thump into the wall. Before he could move again, she pushed off his back to stand on the back of the couch, dropping her purse when it threatened her balance. On the way down, it ended up in Daniel’s hands and he wasted no time finding items inside and tossing them at the spider while its owner moved in to act like a human shield.

“No!” the tall guy cried as he tried to corral the beast. “Don’t throw things at her. You might hurt her.”

Just then, Claire’s favorite lip gloss bounced off the hairy spider, stunning it.

That lip gloss was dead to her—not just the tube, the actual brand. She’d never be able to look at it the same again.

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Author Sheralyn Pratt

Some describe Sheralyn as a girl who's been around the block and worked at every shop. This isn't far from the truth. Writing is what she loves most, however. There's a magical power in stepping into new perspectives time and again, and seeing the world through different eyes. Few things increase empathy more than walking in another's shoes for 100,000 words or so. At least that seems to be the trend so far.
Some random things to know about Sheralyn:
* She's a wanderer (geographically)
* She can write a novel, but doesn't have the attention span for one page in a journal
* She vehemently disagrees with Stephen King's stance that authors should not watch TV
* She is pretty much incapable of sleeping before midnight

My Review:

This book grabbed me right from the start. The main character immediately piqued my interest, and the scenario was definitely intriguing! It was unusual, to say the least, yet it made perfect sense in the story line. It was high tech, making it real enough, or maybe relatable enough, to suck me right in!

I found the characters in this book to be really interesting. Claire, the main character, suffers from OCD, and she has a genius IQ. She is aware of her obsessive tendencies, though she can't control them without medication.

Dealing with the every day issues of life (obsessing over cleanliness, having to note the make and model of any car she spots when she's driving down the highway, etc.) is seamlessly integrated into the story. In fact, she even uses these obsessions to her advantage, in some ways.

The way the character is portrayed didn't make me feel pity, but acceptance. I liked Claire a lot. In fact, all of the characters turned out to be quite likable. I loved every one of them!

This book really has it all. Action, suspense, just a little drama, some lighthearted camaraderie, good guys, bad guys, plenty of twists and turns, and romance, too. Plus, it's set in the interior realms of the extremely wealthy, where only those who know, will know. Secrets abound!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would love to see more!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


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Monday, February 8, 2016

Culinary Corner Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat - Review and Giveaway!

This week I had the fabulous opportunity to review another product from Culinary Corner, and you now have the chance to win it! As if this isn't fantastic enough, I'll let you in on a little secret. You have the chance to win another of their products next week, and again the next! Each week is a giveaway for a different product, so be sure to enter them all!

A big thank you to Culinary Corner for sponsoring these giveaways, and to you, dear readers, for entering them! Your participation brings more giveaways to you, with more opportunities to win, so keep doing what you do! Sweepstaking Dreams can come true!

Today I am reviewing the Culinary Corner Non-stick Silicone Baking Mat Flexible. The size is 16 and 5/8th inches by 11 inches, so it fits on a half-sized baking sheet just right.

There is no need for any type of oil with this mat, which is a definite plus! Whatever it is you're making, it does not matter. This is true whether you are using it for baking, or for freezing, or for a work surface. It really is as non-stick as it gets!

Along with these non-stick properties, as I've said, the versatility of this mat is astounding. The uses must be endless! Though baking may be the first thing that comes to mind, I will also be using this for freezing fruits and vegetables. I used to spread these out on tin foil, which would inevitably tear and become annoying. I will also be using this to roll pie crust and dough. No more dough stuck to the counter top!

Now, as for what I've used it for, so far, here's a start...

I am generally quite busy, as most people are. Therefore, on work days, I don't often cook a full meal until late in the day. However, I generally will make something quick and easy for mid-day. Cheesy, oven-baked snacks like the one below (this one happens to be mozzarella and pepperoni wrapped up in a croissant, though it could be anything) are some of the kinds things I regularly have on hand, and thoroughly enjoy, so will whip up in a snap. Unfortunately, there are always at least a few bits of cheese that end up baking onto the pan, making clean-up a pain.

Clean-up was zero hassle with this baking mat. The cheese wiped right off! It made me so happy! What a joy, to be free of that time consuming task!

Then, one evening, my son wanted to bake some salmon. To his horror, he discovered we were out of tin foil.

Now, as some of you may know, before moving to the new home, I was living on the Mississippi River, dealing with extensive and extreme flooding for a number of years. I would spend weeks, if not months at home, working online and keeping myself busy around the house during floods. A simple trip out to the store was never an option. This is what has been ingrained in me, to stock up as best you can, then make do with what you have.

So, needless to say, I wasn't about to run out to the store to get tin foil. Instead, I told him to try the baking mat. I was glad to have it, too!

Again, it worked perfectly. He can be a bit of a messy jeffy when he cooks, so this was so much better than tin foil ever was. I have to say, I was a bit concerned with him using it for the first time, but there was no need to be. Again, clean up was a breeze.

The one thing that you may want to note, is that a silicone baking mat will season, as your favorite bakeware will often do. So, after time, it does show some discoloration. This hasn't affected its performance in any unwanted way. In fact, it seems to me that it may have made it better, as seasoning often does.

On something of a related note, I have not found it to pick up any odors, even from things like fish. This is a definite plus.

On to the next adventure in cooking with this baking mat. It was sugar cookies. I made this short video to show you how slick this works...

Then, of course, with the Super Bowl coming up, I had to try Parmesan cheese bowls.

I baked these at 375 degrees for seven minutes.

When they were done, they slid right off the mat, without a hitch. I then draped them over an inverted coffee cup to cool, popped one onto a wine-holding hors d'ouvre plate, and dropped some olives in. Wala!

Warning: This baking mat may subject you to sudden bursts of creativity!

In the end, it's a quick swish in the sink with some warm soapy water, a swipe with a dishrag, and a quick rinse. Then, just drape it on the dish rack to dry. Store it right on the baking sheet. Simple enough!

Now, it's your chance to win one! If you can't wait, you can visit Culinary Corner on Amazon and get 10% off using the code JENNYT10!

You can also see my review of Culinary Corner's set of three Easy Flex Silicone Spatulas here. Enter to win these spatulas through February 14!

Good Luck!

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