Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mutiply Your Sweepstakes Winnings

Some who enjoy sweepstaking like to splurge with their winnings and treat themselves. This can be a lot of fun. Still, over the years, my preference has come to be investing it.

For example, one of my recent winnings was a $25 gift card from This is a social networking site that pays for content with performance pay and bonuses. It also offers one lucky winner each day the chance to win the daily raffle for the above-mentioned $25 gift card. Once you have the card (which you can also earn from paid content) future earnings will also be deposited on it.

Anyways... with my gift card I bought a "Magic Worm Ranch" to farm some nightcrawlers with, and some fishing tackle. I have since been organically harvesting nightcrawlers, and have gathered enough to pay for the ranch, and then some.

Since I live on the river, now-when my son comes home for the summer, we will have an abundant supply of nightcrawlers to go fishing with. We both enjoy fishing, so it will give us some fun times, plus it will put the equivalent of hundreds of dollars worth of fish in the freezer.

Thus, the $25 winnings is multiplied into several hundred dollars worth of fish by investing it this way, plus my son and I get to have a lot of fun. This is why I like to invest my winnings. It, too, is fun. - Guess the Secret Sound & WIN Instantly!

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