Thursday, March 11, 2010

Product of the Day from HGTV Pro - The sweepstakes that lets you pick your prize!

HGTV Pro has had an ongoing sweepstakes for some time now called the "Product of the Day". Each day a different product is featured, thus allowing entries for up to seven unique daily prizes each week.

One winner is chosen for each week. Weekly winners are then allowed to choose one prize from all days entered for that week. So, if a winner had entered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, s/he would have a choice of the three prizes that were featured on those days. A winner that enters every day will have a choice of all seven prizes for that week.

The prizes are usually a high quality product that someone could use around the home. Some of the prizes for this week include today's prize of a Kohler Multifunction Showerhead valued at $218.69, tomorrow's prize of a Scooba Floor-Washing Robot valued at $269.98, and Sunday's prize of a Cuisinart Brick Oven valued at $160.98.

The winner for this week's sweepstakes will be chosen on Monday, once next weeks entries have begun.

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