Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Birthday Giveaways!

This will be the last post for this week. I am celebrating surviving this life to the mature age of 50, this week, so a couple of days off is my gift to me!

I have to say, I am grateful for the women of today. I find so many women of my age and older, doing so many phenomenal things. Many are in the public eye. There are musicians, actresses, athletes, political leaders, supreme court judges, and women from nearly any walk of life. These women demonstrate that age is not the deciding factor in what you can accomplish. These women are my inspiration.

Without them, I may just feel that I have one foot in the grave, at this point in time! With them, I feel that life still has infinite potential! Now, my kids are grown, and I have more freedom than I've ever had before. Life isn't over, life is good!

With this, I leave you with some birthday giveaways! Have a great week!

Single entry. Must be 18 or older to enter. Ends April 30th.

Enter to Win a Blast-Off Birthday Party at Launch Trampoline Park in Nashua, NH

Widget entry. Open to the UK. Ends April 7.
Birthday Giveaway!

Good Luck!

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