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Lakota Products Review - Do You Have Arthritis, Back Pain, or Muscle Pain?

I have an old back injury that still flares up every once in a while. In the past, I'd found it commonly affected by the cold. Whether it be from not bundling up enough in the cold winter months, or from spending too much time in the air conditioning during the summer heat, the cold would inevitably settle in my spine, and put me down for the count for weeks.

With my recent move, it flared up again. This time was different, though. It was also coupled with a pinched nerve in my leg. No amount of time with my heating pad would ease the pain, and it was excruciating. I tried all the usual over-the-counter pain medications - aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and then naproxen. The only thing that offered me just a bit more mobility was the naproxen, though it left me so groggy and "loopy" the next day, that I could only take it occasionally.

This trial and error went on for months, including several visits to the chiropractor. Yet, nothing worked. It was becoming completely unbearable, and was holding me back from doing anything but the simplest of tasks. Hence, setting up the new household and finishing the move, had to be put on hold. It was driving me crazy.

Then, one day, lo and behold, a package of Lakota products arrived for my review. I felt like I had been blessed by the Universe! These products are all natural, so I had no concerns with trying them.

Included in the package were the following products:

Triple Action Back Pain Caplets

The instructions on the bottle recommend taking two of these, twice daily, so I immediately took the first two. They were easy to swallow, and had basically no flavor.

About five minutes later, I started to feel my body releasing tension. I was amazed. I hadn't felt the sensation of my body relaxing in... well, I don't even know how long. It felt fabulous.

Over the next week, I continued taking the recommended dosage. Each day, the pain subsided more and more, and my body became more and more relaxed.

On the eighth day, I decided to check in with my body, and didn't take any more for two whole days. I needed to know if these effects would continue, or if I would relapse. I found that the previously realized effects continued, so I was thrilled.

The day of this writing is now the tenth day, and I have decided to continue for one more week. With the benefits that I have already been experiencing, I am convinced that this will give me the "support" that I've needed to kick this flare-up!

I can easily recommend these for anyone who is struggling with back pain.

Roll-on Back Pain Reliever

This is a topical gel, that can be applied at the source of the pain. I used this at the source of the pinched nerve, and also rolled it along the entire trail of the pain, down the length of my leg.

It applies in a thin layer, and dries in moments. It has a mild, menthol-y aroma. Upon my first application, I was surprised to feel a cooling sensation. It contains a pepper extract, so I had expected to feel heat. Later applications made me realize, though, that it could go either way. Sometimes it felt cool, sometimes it felt warm. Either way, it worked to alleviate the pain of that pinched nerve. I was, again, thrilled to feel such relief.

The recommended application for this is once every four hours, as needed. I regularly found an application to last longer than this, though. So, I usually only needed to apply it twice in a day.

This, too, is something I would highly recommend, for anyone with back pain.

Lakota PM Pain Relief Caplets

If you have issues with pain, then you may be aware of the pain/stress connection. The more pain you have, the more your stress increases. The more your stress increases, the more your pain increases. It is a vicious cycle.

For me, all the body stress I had been carrying around for so long, was preventing me from getting a good night's sleep. Most nights were spent tossing and turning until about four in the morning. This had been going on for a very long time, so I was happy to try these, too.

I found the effects to be surprising. I didn't get groggy from taking them. Again, it was that amazing sense of relaxation that got me. It helped me to remember what it had been like to lay down at night, and just naturally relax into a good night's sleep. I fell asleep several hours earlier than I had been. I also woke up earlier, feeling refreshed and at ease, without any "hangover" effect.

Again, these are something I can easily recommend. They worked for me, in an extreme case.

Lakota Roll-on Muscle Pain Reliever

After my last visits to the chiropractor, I noticed the muscles along my spine were a bit stiff and sore. So, I occasionally would use this on those muscles. It helped, without a doubt. I cannot stress enough how natural these products do feel. It's not at all like you are applying something foreign to mask the symptoms. It feels like it just gently prods the body's own natural systems into gear, and starts its healing. I don't even realize I'm using something, when I do. It really feels like my own body is doing it, and it feels so good.

Still, I know better. The vast improvements I have experienced, wouldn't have happened had I not had these Lakota products. The previous months of suffering have proven this to me.

Lakota Canine Joint Care

We have two dogs, Genie and Mojo, both of which are about 11 years old now. Mojo is a lab. He has had hip problems, so we have been trying different glucosamine products for several years, trying to find something he would take. He's hated it all, spitting everything out, regardless of whether it was wrapped in meat or cheese, disguised as a treat, sprinkled on his food, or anything else.

So, needless to say, I was shocked when he agreed to take these. The pills are cute, shaped like little dog bones, so there is no mistaking them for something else. Both dogs chew them easily, and leave no crumbs behind. I have no idea what it is about these that finally got Mojo to succumb, but I am glad to have finally found something.

Other products in this package included Lakota Joint Care Capsules and Maximum Strength Muscle Pain Capsules.

I just can't say enough about these products. Aside from the above-mentioned things, there is still so much more. Lakota is a family-owned company, backed with a clear knowledge of healing. Yes, I said healing. Not only do these all-natural products work to alleviate both stress and pain, they also work to rebuild connective tissue. To me, that's the way it should be.

Now, for my wonderful readers, coming soon, a fabulous giveaway of Lakota products! Watch for it in an upcoming post!

You can find out more about Lakota products on their website.

As with anything, if you are on prescribed medications, or have certain health issues, please consult with your doctor before use.

I would like to sincerely thank the Lakota company for the opportunity to review these products. The effects have enhanced my quality of life, and given me a great sense of relief. For this I am truly grateful.

Disclosure: I received these products for free, to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own, and are based upon my personal experience.

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