Monday, December 28, 2015

Vegas World Review

I came across a new game platform that I thought I might like to add to the blog. I always check links or anything else that I post here, so I wanted to make sure to check this one out thoroughly before posting it. So, I spent an afternoon exploring and playing games, and I must say, I had fun! Please note that you must be an adult of legal age to play.

Until the events of this year, I was a member of Club Pogo for 10 years, and I loved it. After getting into the camper for the summer, I decided not to renew, for various reasons. One was an unreliable internet connection, and another is that I would need to go back to Internet Explorer to continue to play the games there, and that I did not want to do. Lastly, after all those years on the site, during my tenth year, my debit card was hacked through Pogo's parent company. So, that was the final deciding factor, for me. Luckily, my card company was good. Hence, I've been looking for something new for a while.

Though this one carries less variety in its games (no board games, bowling, Plants vs. Zombies, etc.), I found Vegas World to have a similar platform, and I can use it on Chrome, my regular browser. It is a social site, as well as a game site. Even so, I found the social platform of this one to be more complex, though it is still easy to use. You can throw parties and invite friends, picking a lounge or other gathering place, or your own suite. Yes, you get a suite to be at home in! You can ask for "charms" from guests, for entry to your party, if you like. These boost your winnings when you play games. You can also offer "charms" to friends or fellow players, just because. There's a chat feature available, too. Chat when you want, or don't.

The games offered are primarily casino style. The main options are: BlackJack, Multi-player Poker, Video Poker, Solitaire, Slots, Bingo, Fringo (a unique, bingo-like game), and Sports. Each main category then has numerous games you can play within it. As you play more, you unlock new games, so you can always have something fresh.

I especially enjoyed the Bingo, Fringo, and Solitaire games. Of course, BlackJack has always been a favorite of mine... and slots... and, well, I did actually like them all! I also had no issues whatsoever with "freezing" or slow connections, so this was a joy.

These are not games played for money. You play with tokens. Initially, I had some concern that there may be hidden fees, as with some platforms. However, I found it easy enough to get tokens by winning them. There are also a number of ways to get bonus tokens. Just for signing up and saving my avatar, I started out with 150,000, tokens, which was plenty. You are also awarded free tokens for your first log-in each day, with a bonus for logging in seven days in a row.

Even after "purchasing" (with the free tokens) a new outfit and new hair for my avatar, I was able to double my original amount of tokens in a couple of hours of play. Now, I have enough that I am considering moving her into an upgraded suite! Maybe more clothes, first. I'm not sure yet.

Gems are another form of currency on the site. Yes, you can purchase gems, if you so desire, but you are not required to. You can even earn gems through simple tasks such as watching short videos, etc. There is also a paid VIP upgrade option, which offers additional perks and includes a particular amount of gems, according to the package you desire. You can then use your gems to purchase tokens and/or charms. In this short afternoon of play, I earned 13 gems total, for watching a video and confirming my email address.

I never had to enter a credit card or any other form of payment information for any of what I did today. I wasn't blasted with ads, either. I love that. There are still so many more complexities to Vegas World, that there is no way I could touch upon them all here. However, it is too easy to use not to try it to find out!

One final thing I'd like to note, is that you will also find the occasional sweepstakes or instant win available in Vegas World. I liked that, too!

Overall, I'm a fan!

You can play this game any day, right here, through the link at the top of this blog, or HERE. Enjoy!

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