Friday, December 25, 2015

A New Look for the New Year!

Greetings, Everyone!

Since our holiday plans changed, with my sons deciding to go out of state to spend it with relatives, I decided to take a working holiday. This has resulted in two new pages, and a new look for the blog! I've kept it close to the same theme, so it will still be the familiar blog you know, but with an updated and more modern look. I may be doing some tweaking here and there, in the days and weeks to come, but for the most part, what you see here today is the new look. I hope you like it!
I am also happy to say that I have added a disclosure page, which is something I've been meaning to do for some time now. I'm sure that everyone knows, as with any job at all, that blogs need to make income. This page just let's you know that this blog does, too, and tells you some of the ways that it may be doing so. Each post may generate a different form of income, so there is no one way to describe it. However, I've done my best to cover the ways that any given post may do so.

I have also added a page to play some fun casino-style games! Though these are played with tokens, and are not actual casino games played for cash, you still must enter your birth year to play, as you must be a legal adult. I've found it a lot of fun to play! Plus, you will find the occasional sweepstakes or instant win game offered, in addition to the games. What luck! Look for my review of it on Monday.

You will find both of these new pages in the tabs at the top of the blog.

I hope you've had a wonderful holiday!

It's good to be in the club!

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