Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Tips for Winning!

Strategies and ways to win are always a hot topic amongst sweepers. Each has found something that works, to keep those wins coming. Many are inclined to share. So, today we explore some more winning tips.

As for me, I think one of the best tips (alongside increasing your chances through daily entries, and using instant win strategies) is to enter consistently. If you are newly into a sweepstaking hobby, it may take a few months to get things rolling. Don't let this discourage you. Once you start to enter on a regular basis, over a period of a few months or so, you will be entered into a wide range of sweepstakes.

Some of these sweepstakes will end quickly, while others will last for several months or even a year. By entering regularly, you are creating momentum. Basically, you will have a large pool of entries, in a wide variety of sweepstakes. As some sweeps end, and new ones begin, you generally start to see wins coming on a more regular basis. It's nearly impossible not to.

The bigger goal isn't necessarily about increasing your chances of winning any one particular sweepstakes (though you could call this a "sub-goal," as there will always be certain sweepstakes that you want to put more time and effort into). The bigger goal is about exponentially increasing your chances of winning... Again, and again, and again. This is what being consistent does.

In the end, once you get into it, the game of sweepstakes is such a fun game, that it really isn't as hard to be consistent as it would seem!

Here is what another sweeper (and author) has to say...

On the Website mentioned in this video, there are a number of blog posts offering strategies for winning under the heading "How to Win."

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