Friday, July 4, 2014

Streamline Your Emails!

Happy Fourth of July!

As anyone who enters sweepstakes regularly knows, email management is a part of the game. If your emails get out of control, which isn't hard, you might easily miss a winning email or some other important message. Hence, it is important to develop systems to manage and streamline your emails.

The other day, I was watching CBS This Morning, and a tech guy from Yahoo! was talking about managing your emails. I usually do pretty good, though I do find it to be a time consuming task, at times. Unsubscribing is my biggest annoyance. One thing the tech guy suggested caught my attention.

He talked about a Website that could manage all of your email subscriptions in one place. You could get a list of all of your subscriptions, and go through to unsubscribe from the ones you no longer want, effortlessly. So, I decided to check it out.

The Website he referred to is All you do is enter your email address. That's it. When I first tried it, I got an error message, so was rather disgusted. I tried it again, and got the same thing. So, I gave it up.

A little while later, I received an email that said I have 378 email subscriptions. I was quite surprised. I clicked through to see what the rest of the process is. It is really quite easy.

There is a list of your subscriptions, in alphabetical order. Two commands to the right of each subscription offer you the opportunity to either "Rollup" a subscription, or to "Unsubscribe." I was primarily interested in the unsubscribe feature.

I could also see, from looking through the list (my own observation, not the site's), that not all of these subscriptions were still active from the sender's end. I hadn't seen some of the newsletters in quite some time. So I was glad to get rid of some obsolete stuff, too.

It took me less than five minutes to unsubscribe from 103 newsletters. I was pretty happy with that.

Though I did not try the "Rollup" feature, yet, as I understand it, it will send you a daily digest of all the newsletters you add to it. I don't really feel the need for this feature, personally, at this point. Though, I may at some time in the future.

If you have been overwhelmed by your inbox, don't mass delete! Mass unsubscribe! Give a shot, and you may find that it's too surprisingly easy to pass by.

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Good Luck!

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