Wednesday, May 21, 2014

TV Talk Show Giveaways!

Everyone has seen those amazing giveaways on TV talk shows. You know the ones, where everyone in the studio audience gets to take home some wonderful sur-prize. Well, these shows want to include the TV audience, too. Obviously they cannot give something to every person in the viewing audience, but they can give something to some viewers.

So, lucky you, today brings your chance to win something wonderful from a TV talk show!

Ellen DeGeneres Giveaways

Queen Latifah Giveaways

For Rachael's giveaways, you must register to be a member of "Club RR" in order to enter. It's free, and only requires the usual information that you would enter on a sweepstakes form. Once you've registered, entry is easy with just a click.

Rachael Ray Giveaways

Generally speaking, you will find several giveaways on each show's website at any given time.

Good Luck!

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