Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sweepstakes Newsletter Review: Sweeping America

Sweeping America is a weekly newsletter that can be subscribed to either by email or through postal mail. For the purposes of this review, I will be referring to the online version, which comes in two formats, PDF and Doc. Both versions com as an attachment to a single email, so can be opened in either format once the email is received. Again, for the purposes of this review, I will be referring to the PDF version. I find the format and styling of this version to be an easy-to-read, and something that works with most computers. These can easily be printed out in order to have a "hard-copy" version, if one so desires.

Generally, there are about thirty sweepstakes and contests in each newsletter. The headlines for each sweepstakes are done in blue, which is a beneficial feature as it makes it easy to separate one sweepstakes from the next. The pages have boxes under each contest which can be checked for "not entering", "done" and # of entries done". This is another nice feature to have, especially when skimming through past issues, in order to keep sweepstakes entries within the alloted number according to the official rules.

The newsletters are scattered with inspirational messages, pictures, and humor, along with extra tips for particular sweeps. If there is anything unusual stated in the rules for a specific sweeps, it is usually highlighted. These things help "break up" the sweeps from one another, and make it "flow" smoothly.

Along with the newsletter, emails are sent out regularly giving notice of start dates for particular sweeps, end dates when phone calls are to be made to winners, and various other odds and ends of information. These are usually offered with lighthearted comments and humor added to the usual sweepstakes information, keeping it friendly and somewhat personal. Though this may be an added benefit for the serious sweeper, someone who is not so avid may find it a bit too much email, and somewhat overwhelming to keep up with.

Competitively priced, I find Sweeping America an excellent choice for the serious sweeper.

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