Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jack Getze is holding a new contest awarding 10 winners signed copies of his new mystery novel "Big Numbers" and "Darkly Comic" T-Shirts. I contacted Jack for his comments, and here is what he had to say:

Jennifer: Tell us something about yourself...

Jack: I hated high school and had no interest in college, so I pursued writing by going to work for the LA Herald-Examiner as a copyboy. I earned my first newspaper byline at the age of 19, and went on to spend the next 13 years writing about business and finance for the two largest LA newspapers, including The Los Angeles Times. Divorce, remarriage and a new baby pushed me across the country to New Jersey where I began a new career as a stockbroker. I was always working on a novel, though, and wrote 11 manuscripts before I sold Big Numbers.

Jennifer: Tell us something about your book, "Big Numbers"...

Jack: I heard a supposedly true story one day about a stockbroker who married his biggest client's widow, and I thought, wow, what a perfect tale for what I want to say about stockbrokers and the investment business. The first version I wrote didn't sell, though, because the main character was too greedy--not likeable enough. When I got stuck on another manuscript two years ago, my agent said why don't you try Big Numbers again? This time, it worked.

Jennifer: Tell us about your newest contest...

Jack: 10 signed books, 10 T-shirts, and the deadline is June 21.

Jennifer: How will the winners be chosen?

Jack: It's going to be a drawing from the pile of correct answers. I didn't fool anybody with this one. But I'll probably send out more than 10 books. I gave away almost 100 last contest.

Jack's Online Media Contact, Eileen Cruz Coleman of CruzColeman Communications, offered the following guidelines for those interested in entering the contest:

"Be one of 10 people to win a signed copy of BIG NUMBERS and a "Darkly Comic" T-shirt (one size fits all) by answering the following

Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?

WARNING: This is a trick question. Check your facts people! Email your answers to jgetze@aol.com"

Jack will be speaking and signing books at various locations starting May 25th and throughout the month of June. If you are interested in seeing him in person, you can find the details on his website HERE.

Big Numbers

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