Friday, September 23, 2016

Sweepstakes for a Sick Day!

I have been feeling a bit under the weather today. So, I've been thinking about things that a person wants on a sick day. Sometimes it's nice to just lay on the couch and veg with a good movie. So, a movie-trailer sweepstakes seemed appropriate for this kind of day.

Other times, things get kind of boring after laying around for a while. So, something to doodle with and keep your mind occupied, without taking too much energy, seemed like a good thing, too.

Then, of course, there is that soothing cup of chicken noodle soup. Always a necessity for any sick day, easy to cook, and satisfying. This was a must for today!

Here's to health and well-being!

Daily entry. Ends 12/25. Prize is a trip for two to participate in the Zero-G Experience.
The "Passengers Trailer Sweepstakes

Single entry. Ends 10/6. Prize is a selection of games, activities, and art supplies.
Missy Piggle Wiggle Ultimate Boredom Cure Sweepstakes

Single entry. Ends 12/4. Grand prize is a trip to the Super Bowl.
Campbell’s Chunky Everyman All-Star Sweepstakes

Good Luck!

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