Friday, July 29, 2016

Winning Stories!

Today brings a little change of pace. It's always fun to hear stories from other sweepers. It is often encouraging. It can also help keep you going during those frustrating dry spells that come around every so often. These stories are regularly so relatable to any sweeper, yet it's still enjoyable to get it from someone else's perspective. Each has their own way of playing the game.

So today we have some videos from other sweepers, talking about their wins, and a bit about some freebie finds. This first one I really enjoyed, because she gets started with telling the story of how she got into sweeping. She does talk about herself being in a dry spell at the time of this video, but still has a few nice wins to share.

Next, this woman shares her wins, along with some of the issues she had with collecting one of them. Normally, sponsors want entrants and winners to have the best possible experience with their sweeps. Unfortunately, though, as with anything, there is still the occasional difficult transaction. In these cases, it does seem that persistence is your friend.

As I was watching this next video, I was wishing it was a little better quality. In the end, though, she came up with some really good wins, and seemed like a nice woman who is avid about her sweepstakes, so I thought I'd share it here. This is from earlier this year, so is only showing the things she'd won into February.

What's your story?

Good Luck!

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