Monday, May 2, 2016

A Great Weekend Win!

Last Monday, I received an email that I had won four tickets to Monster Jam at the iWireless Center, from our Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau. Boy, was I excited over this! The iWireless is only a brief few minutes from our home, so this was the first of many events to attend!

I, of course, was scheduled to work on Saturday, so quickly scrambled to swap some hours. Was it ever worth it!

My sons and I arrived with plenty of time to spare. So, I took a few moments to get my new selfie stick adjusted. I received this from my cell phone provider, as part of a promotion, so was excited to get some use out of this new toy, too.

Sadly, once we went to find our section, a security guard promptly escorted me to the administrative offices, to relieve me of my selfie stick for the duration of the event. He was very nice about it, but I was sorely disappointed!

In any event, it couldn't even dampen the evening. We found our seats, and had some of the most fun I've had in a long time! What displays of skill!

I was pleased to discover that three of the trucks in this competition were driven by women. It's not just a man's world!

I was also surprised to see a truck named Scooby Doo there. This was another one of the three, driven by a woman!

The night was filled with excitement. We all enjoyed ourselves tremendously!

Though I do love trucks (I have certainly done my share of four-wheeling in my time), and have been wanting to go to this for quite some time, this was my first time at Monster Jam. I doubt it will be my last!

A big thank you to the Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau!

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