Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Three Ways to Win $500!

Couldn't you just use an extra $500 right now? Really, though, wouldn't it be handy at any point in time at all? Perhaps you'd want to sit on it, and savor the fact that you still have an extra 500 bucks. Maybe you'd want to go shopping with it, or go out to eat so you didn't need to spend the time cooking, possibly a weekend getaway would call you...

Whatever you'd do with it, it sure would be handy to have.

Today, you have the chance to win that 500 bucks! What a lucky day!

100 $500 gift cards! Single entry, see rules for extra entries. Ends February 29...
"Bayer Extra Day Project"

Single entry, U.S., 21 or older, ends February 8. Aside from $500 gift cards and various other prizes, grand prize for this one is $20,000...
Mission Big Game. Big Taste. Big Fiesta! Sweepstakes

I could not find a link to the rules for this sweeps, however, the entry page says it is for a $500 gift card, and it is from a trusted source...
Ricola Wake Up Your Mouth Sweeps

Good Luck!

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