Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pilot Pens Review!

In recent weeks, since settling into the new house a bit, I have had a yearning to get back to sending out more mail-in sweepstakes. As some of you will know, this can involve a lot of writing. A good pen is key to this, to avoid fatigue, cramps, and messy ink smears. I've also been working out setting up the home office in a more efficient way. Good pens are always a necessity for this area, too. Of course, around the house in general, it seems that a good pen is handy anywhere.

So, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review these Pilot pens from Shoplet! When they arrived, the package contained the following pens:

Acroball Pure White, pack of three
Acroball Colors, pack of three
Acroball Pro, pack of three
Dr. Grip Frosted, one

Each of these pens uses a hybrid ink that Pilot also refers to as "Advanced Ink." This is a blend of gel ink and ball point ink. The end result is smooth writing, with no globs left on the page, and no smearing. It dries quickly. Really, surprisingly quick.

Along with this, all of these pens are also refillable! I really like that.

Outside of the benefits that all of these pens offer, each pen still has its own unique attributes.

Acroball Pure White

This is a fine point pen that writes in black ink. I received these with accents in teal, lime green, and sky blue. I love the colors. With white as the primary color, the look is sleek and refined. The attention to detail in the design makes these pens really pretty, too.

The grip holds securely in place. No slipping up or down, nor twisting around. It has tiny little ridges that offer support, yet are barely there and don't get in the way. These also help to prevent it from slipping from your hold. This grip makes the pen feel really comfortable in the hand, and makes it easy to write with.

I especially like the fine point on this pen for filling out forms. Sometimes you have to write so small to fit in the spaces! I will carry one of these with me, for filling out things like in-store sweepstakes entries, rebates, change of address forms, and so much more. I will also keep one on the desk, for whatever forms may come up there... and to look at...

Acroball Colors

These pens are medium point, and come, one each, with blue, black, and red ink. There is very little weight to these pens, yet they are solid and well-made. The retractable action is sound, and the pocket clip is sturdy. These are pens that I will keep handy for around the house.

At first glance, you might not see the grip on these pens. It looks like it is just a part of the barrel. Yet, it is there, and it feels good when you grip it.This is especially nice when you need accuracy, as it makes the pen easy to control.

I like that this pen comes with different colored inks. I am a list maker, and a note taker. I use them all the time. Using the different colors can help me to prioritize at a glance, without having to go through the whole list every time. This is also a good way to convey these priorities to my sons, when I have lists of chores that they need to do.

Acroball Pro

As its name implies, this pen has a nicely professional look to it. The slate gray color of the barrel is tasteful, and looks nice with the silver pocket clip. The feel has a nice balance to it. There seems to be just a slight bit of weightiness to it, but barely there. It really is nice to write with. I love the flow and the feel.

This pack of pens came with the three different colors of ink, in the red, blue, and black. The grips on each pen match its ink color, so there is no guesswork involved in picking the right one. As with other Pilot pens, these are sound and solid, right down to the cone. There is no slippage in any of its parts.

These I will keep in my home office, where a good pen is always a necessity. It will be a pleasure to use these for thoughts and ideas, thank you notes, orders, reminders, and so much more.

Dr. Grip Frosted

This pen has its own style. I received it in the lavender. Th color is very pretty, and the frosted effect gives it a unique look that I really like. The pen itself is a bit thicker than the usual pen. but is still nice and light, and easy to hold. It almost has an airy feel to it.

The grip on this one covers nearly the lower half of the pen. There is no texture to it, but it is so nice and soft to the touch! Not cushy, not squishy, not pillowy, just... soft. It's very pleasant to the touch. Still, it does its job.

This one will be my "Me" pen. I will keep it on my nightstand with my notepad, for those middle of the night bursts of inspiration. I will use it to write Haiku and limericks, and all of those things that call for that special touch. This pen is so easy to write with. I think it's perfect for things like journaling, too. For anything you need to think and write, and to bring out those creative juices, this pen is conducive to letting it flow!

You can find all of these pens on the Shoplet Website. For some fun tips, fashion sense, giveaways, and so much more, follow them on social media through the following links:

Twitter: @Shoplet





Disclosure: I received these pens to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. A big thank you to Shoplet for providing the pens for this review.

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