Thursday, November 5, 2015

Catching Up!

As I have been falling behind in rebuilding a home life in the new home we've moved into, today's post will be short, and there will be no post tomorrow. I still have boxes to unpack, numerous things to shop around for, and a ton of other work to do to get things up and running here. Rebuilding our lives is a much longer, and much more difficult process than I had ever anticipated it would be!

One thing I have to say, is that this whole process has been an enlightening experience. A person really builds a home through a process of years and years. It seems it would always be there. Yet, once it's gone in an instant, starting over is not as easy as it might seem it could be. All the little things you know and love, often so seemingly simple, even trivial perhaps, mean so much. Yet, there are literally hundreds of them.

Though putting it all back together, at least in some semblance of the life you've had, is really tough, it must be done in order to maintain the level of success that you've known and loved and lived all along. It is through what you know that one succeeds in life and living. Once you've achieved a particular level, you can then move on to the next. Once your foundation is shattered, recovery is imperative, in order to move on.

These things are all a part of the journey. I share my journey in this blog, not to gain sympathy, but to shed light on the experience. There are so many, many others who have lost the lives they've known, and their homes to violent storms. I know I am not alone. Yet, the most one usually hears about these things is a short blurb on the news. I wanted you to know just a little bit more.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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