Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Newsday Tuesday!

Due to the agonizing slowness of the internet here at the time of this writing, today will bring some good news. That's about it, after a long day of getting next-to-nothing done. I do believe this is satellite internet here, so it can be a bit temperamental. Some things didn't change. Still, I am happy to have access.

I do hope you've been enjoying the giveaways this week. I like to have a nice mix on the blog, as the odds always seem to be better with a variety. The blogger giveaways always have such unique and enticing prizes! It's hard to resist playing these, for sure.

I hope you are all in a winning mood!

Winning News

Last week I was so surprised to see an email in my inbox, letting me know I am a grand prize winner in the Rockstar Energy Drink Sweeps, listed in the July 22 post, Win Prizes for a Day at the Beach! I had entered for the "Action" prize package, so was thrilled to know that my prize was a Rockstar beach cruiser bike, and a Rockstar longboard!

This was exciting news, as I have been wanting to win a bike for these past two biking seasons (counting the current, late-in-the-season one). Winning a Rockstar branded bike was twice the thrill! The longboard is something new for me to try. Since I am currently residing in more of a citified scenario, in my temporary camper home, I think it will be fun. My (adult) sons will surely get some use out of it, too.

I was somewhat surprised that they did send me an affidavit to sign and return. Generally, this isn't practiced for prizes under a $600 value, as it isn't required by law. Still, it was not an issue for me. I returned the affidavit, and am now anxiously awaiting delivery of my prize!

Thank you, Rockstar Energy Drink!

And in other stuff...

Though I have slowed down quite a bit in entering sweepstakes since I am in a temporary situation (after a tree fell on my house during a major storm), I still do love to play daily. Under normal circumstances, I play the sweeps I have listed here on SweepstakingDreams.com (scrolling back through previous posts, and getting daily entries in for sweeps that are still open), and several extra that I regularly post on Twitter. This may take a good two hours a day, at most, when the internet is cooperative. This generally results in weekly wins. The blogging part is the hardest part, and the part that takes the longest, but I do enjoy it immensely!

I hope to get back into a more permanent situation soon, and to get on a winning streak! Whether they be big or small, I love them all! Every win is a good win!

Sweepstakes are just such fun to play. I'd love to hear some of your winning stories in the comments!

Artisinal coffee delivered to your door on your schedule.

Good Luck!

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