Monday, May 4, 2015

Race Horses as an Investment

With the Kentucky Derby thrilling both myself and the rest of America over the weekend, I thought I'd dust off this article and post it. This was previously posted on, a number of years ago. As some of you may know, horse racing began the evolution of the modern form of sweepstakes that we play today.

Racehorse shares are a growing investment opportunity, becoming more widely understood and more easily obtainable by John Q. Public than ever before. Hence, horse racing has never been a more popular sport than it is today, and its investment opportunities are steadily growing.

Hand in hand with this, in recent years, we have seen the dramatic increase in the value of any good racehorse. What was once considered as a sport for horse racing fans has now also become one of the more popular sports for big-money investors, even those who may have previously had little interest in horse racing, and far more.

In certain circles, only someone with a net worth of a million dollars or more can invest in buying shares of a racehorse, and will receive in return a share of its winnings, along with some other perks. Although this would be still be the norm, with this, now comes the inevitable expansion of its means.

In our more modern day economy, the the blue-collar investor is now also being offered increasing opportunities to own smaller shares of a racehorse at what could be considered an affordable price, albeit with lesser returns, if any at all. This relatively new expansion is allowing more and more investors the opportunity to own and enjoy shares in a racehorse.

On the downside, even now, it seems the bugs are still being worked out. These investments are not considered to be a source of a lucky windfall by the majority, and the two types of shares, either limited or partnership, will offer much different benefits.

Limited shares, which are currently being made more widely available to the general public, are just that, limited. These are without the bulk of the other benefits that will go along with partnership shares... things such as preferred seats at races, invitations to social gatherings, and the like.

This in mind, without the extra benefits of partnership, those who go with limited shares do stand a great risk of losing their full investment, a point that is widely made known. Therefore, this type of investing is currently only being encouraged for those who love the thrill of horse racing, and would love to own a share in any racehorse. In fact, investors are encouraged to invest for the fun of it alone, and not for what money it could make.

In the end, there is also a good enough potential for getting a good enough winning streak going to return an entire investment, that keeps its investors coming back for more. With that, the excitement of this same potential is still just thrilling enough to keep the new investors coming.

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