Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's All a Part of the Game

To be successful in the game of sweepstakes, a person needs to play. Like any other game, with practice comes knowledge of how the game works, and with this, you will likely have an improved success rate.

Some may ask, "What is there to know? Just fill out a form." However, whenever there are rules, you are bound to playing a fair game, if you want to win. Working within the rules will help to ensure an improved success rate, as others who do not play by the rules are regularly disqualified (you can thank them for improving your odds).

In this world of modern day technology, part of the game becomes more personal, with checking emails and returning responses on time. For some sweeps, this is what "verifies" your win.

Today, as I was checking my spam folder for winning news (which I generally do on a daily basis), I found a winning email. It told me that I am a "National Bagel Day Winner!" The prize was a printable coupon for a free 20 oz. bag of Thomas Bagels, in the form of $4.79 off. This was one of 10,000 product prizes in the Thomas’ English Muffins and Bagels “National Bagel Day” Promotion. This promotion only lasted for a week.

The email said I have ten days to claim the prize, or it would be forfeited. Luckily, it had only been sent the day before. I'd hate to have to forfeit any prize, just for missing the email. That would stink.

Still, this time frame is actually a generous one. Some sweepstakes only allow 24, 48, or 72 hours for your response, then they either pick a new winner, or the prize is just not awarded. Of course, some sweepstakes specify no time frame at all, and will just send you your prize (that's my favorite). It's all a part of the game.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was somewhat dampened once I printed the coupon, and a recall notice for the very bagels that I won popped up. Then, again, once I found it was for those with allergies to nuts, I was glad to know. Since neither I nor my sons have allergies of this type, I will still be happy to pick up my free bagels. Of course, I checked the affected "best by" dates, just to be on the safe side. I'm sure you know how that is.

Still, I actually felt bad for the company, that this had to occur during their big "National Bagel Day" promotion. I'd bet someone in some conference room or big warehouse bakery, somewhere, feels pretty darn bad.

In the end, I think an onion bagel, slathered with cream cheese and some smoked salmon, sounds pretty darn good right now anyways. Thanks, Thomas!

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Good Luck!

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