Sunday, January 4, 2015


Greetings, Everyone!

I would like to welcome you to 2015, here on! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, as I did, and are feeling refreshed for this new year. Though the holidays have been wonderful, I am glad to be through the darkest days of winter, and headed towards the bright and sunny days of spring.

This year, for various reasons, I have decided to suspend the Sunday contest posts. Posts will now be regularly out Monday through Friday, with any contest picks worked into regular posts. I am looking forward to more opportunities for giveaways and such, for SD readers, so stay tuned to see what exciting things the new year will bring.

In winning news, during my time off, I received an email letting me know that I was the winner in Loom-a-Hat's monthly yarn giveaway. I was quite happy about this, as I had loomed six hats and two scarves during my vacation time, so could use some yarn to replenish my supply. Thanks much to Loom-a-Hat blogger, Denise!

Along with this, shortly before the break, there was another Domino's Quikly. I won at the $4 level on that one, which was one level up from my previous Domino's win. Thanks to Domino's and to Quikly, as well.

There were a lot of sweepstakes that ended on December 31, so I hope some of you have your own winning news, too! Of course, there will still be plenty of winning opportunities in the new year. That's one of the wonderful things about sweepstakes, there's always a winning opportunity!

Today's Bonus

For a fit new year... Daily entry through January 31.
Tea's Tea New Year New Gear Sweepstakes

Good Luck!

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