Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inspiration from Our Canadian Neighbors

Though the bulk of the sweepstakes that we Americans will enter are for U.S. residents, many will include Canada, as well. On some occasions, other countries will be included, and less commonly, some sweeps will be worldwide. These restrictions have to do with laws regarding sweepstakes, and occasionally to shipping restrictions and other factors.

Sweepstakes are a game, and must be regulated this way. They must be set apart, so they don't fall into the realm of gambling, or other things (such as raffles) that may be restricted to charitable organizations and the like. Lotteries are yet another thing that must be differentiated. It is for the safety and protection of consumers and businesses alike.

These things in mind, our Canadian neighbors are quite active in the sweepstakes game. Quebec, of course, has the strictest laws, so is often excluded, however, the rest of the nation is in to win!

This video offers insights, along with facts and figures, on our Canadian counterparts and how they play the game. It also touches on the other side of the coin, from the marketers point of view. Along with these things, it shares some of the hardships that some may experience when they choose it as a lifestyle.

In watching these types of videos, I find that I don't always agree with certain strategies. For instance, I very rarely buy products just because they offer a sweepstakes (only if the sweeps offers something of great interest, and comes with a product I either already use, or would like to try anyway). By law, you are not required to make a purchase to enter any sweepstakes, so there will be an alternate form of entry available.

Still, I have found numerous new products that I continue to purchase and to enjoy, after I have won them in a sweepstakes. It's a fun way to try-before-you-buy, regardless of what a product may be.

At the same time, it is up to the individual player as to what strategies to use, and it is good to keep an open mind. Perhaps something here will be of interest to you, for use in your own strategy. On another note, you may find something to help you to avoid some of the pitfalls that others have encountered.


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