Sunday, May 4, 2014

Your One or Two Haiku, Could Bring an International Win for You!

Haiku. You either love it, or you do. Ok, well, maybe you don't know it yet, but, yes, you do. You love it, too.

What is Haiku, you ask? It's poetry, in a distinct form. Five syllables, then seven, then five once again. Conveying something that the reader connects with. Yet, it is so much more. It is an artistic work.

If you've never written in Haiku form before, perhaps this tutorial will help: How to write a Haiku poem: Haiku examples and tips

Here's one I wrote for fun (and on assignment) a while back...

Springtime Lovers

Why do you want to write a Haiku now, you ask? Well, to express creativity, to have some fun, and to win publication and tons of publicity, of course! Read on to find out more...

The 2014 Haiku Invitational

This contest is in conjunction with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. The theme for the contest is "Meet your neighbours." More specifically, they want you to incorporate a spin on this quote from Haiku poet Kobayashi Issa: “Under the cherry tree there is no stranger." Hence, they ask how cherry blossoms bring you closer to others.

* Prize includes publication in "Vancouver Courier" community newspaper, "The Bulletin" magazine, "Haiku Canada" newsletter, online publication in "Ripples", the newsletter of the Haiku Society of America, printing in a chapbook hand-folded and bound by Victoria-based Leaf Press and publication on the VCBF website.

Celebrity readings of winning Haiku, and publicity at other events are also part of the prize package.

This contest has six main categories for entrants:




United States



You may enter up to two previously unpublished Haiku for this contest. Ends June 2, 2014.

Today's Bonus

For residents of Singapore...
The New Age Parents Coverpage Kid Photo Contest

Good Luck!

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