Monday, April 14, 2014

Magazine Sponsor Giveaways!

No, these are not giveaways for magazines. These are the sweepstakes that give us access to winning the valuable products and loads of cash from magazine sponsors. These types of sweeps are always such fun! The products offered for prizes are often some of the most unique prizes you will find, and are always something useful, yet highly desirable. One more nice thing about these sweeps is that there are often multiple winners for each prize!

As for the cash prizes, magazines regularly offer some of the largest prizes. These and some other sweeps are regularly shared by multiple publications. This means that you will most often be allowed to enter from each site, to increase your chances. For instance, if daily entry is offered for a sweeps shared by three magazines, you can enter once each day on each magazine's website, for a total of three daily entries.

Generally speaking, you can win one sweepstakes from a particular magazine once every ninety days. However, you know the drill. Check to rules to see how often you are allowed to enter each sweeps, and if there are any specific requirements, such as this.

The one big thing to remember when entering magazine sweepstakes is to be sure that you don't subscribe to anything by accident. This is generally easy enough, with the option to click a link for entry without a free trial, or to pick "no, I don't want to subscribe" by a radio button. The point is to simply pay attention to these options, and only subscribe to what you genuinely want to.

These pages are regularly updated with new sweeps, so you can return at any time, week after week, month after month, year after year.

It's fun to browse through these sweeps, to see all the latest and greatest stuff out there. Of course, it's still more fun to win it...

Woman's Day Giveaways

Redbook Magazine Sweepstakes

Woman's World Sweepstakes

Good Luck!

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