Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fashion Trends to Look for in Sweepstakes for 2014

If you enjoy entering sweepstakes with prizes from the world of fashion, here is a sneak peek of what to look forward to.

Fashion Trends 2014

Fashion trends in 2014 are bringing back a hint of the past, with a twist of freshness. Though many aspects remain familiar, 2014's trends are more futuristically inclined, far from being a blast from the past. Expect to see a bit less form-hugging with a bit more functionality, yet these styles are as beautiful as ever.

Skin is in, with crop tops, bermuda shorts, and sheer fabrics, as is a retro spin on 90's style. Leggings may now take a back seat to baggy pants or wide-leg trousers, and athletic styles are taking on a whole new level of chic. If you bought into the metallic, sheer, and irridescent fabrics of 2013, you're in luck. They're sticking around, as are the bold florals and the distressed fabrics. The ever-present ruffles of 2013 are now relics of the past year, as is the asymmetrical look.

Denim with metal (like chains) is taking off this year (will denim be the new leather?). Distressed denim jeans are certainly here to stay. As denim shirts come back in a whole new way, you can kiss your daddy's blue-jean shirts goodbye.

Colors are taking on a new curve in 2014. Spring colors embrace vibrant pastels, while burgundies and grays provide for staples throughout the year. Pantone's color of the year, Radiant Orchid, is sure to be popular in most anything fashion-related, and beyond. Fashion is leaving the bright corals and greens of 2013 behind, for now.

Prints are standing out, with a fun and playful, yet sophisticated style. Logos are taking on new life in this realm, with numerous athletic and other styles presenting logos as the print.

Pleats are being redesigned to fit the modern look, and are tastefully spattered about. This could seem to pair with the resurgence of the button-up shirt, however, you likely won't find these styles in your grandma's closet. Button-up shirts can still show a lot of skin, and pleats can certainly diverge from the traditional sense. You won't need to wear the traditional pleated skirt and button-up shirt together. Think outside the box, more in the realm of a diagonal pleat on a skirt paired with a crop top, or a button down shirt showing some skin atop wide-leg pants.

A boxy silhouette in jackets and blouses is trendy for the new year, bringing a relaxed feel with ease of movement, along with its stylish appeal. Tea-length is the spring look for flowy skirts and dresses.

Trendy street style is taking on a virtual overhaul, with designers like Ashish putting his spin on it. Ashish explains his version of street style with a strikingly easy-to-relate-to scenario. He says, "IT was inspired by popping down the off license, you know when you just put your slippers on and have the jewellery from last night on still." This pretty much says it all.

Overall, the year looks good for updating your wardrobe. With a few strategic, winning pieces, you won't need to revamp, yet you will still be in style.


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