Thursday, February 8, 2007

The top ten reasons to be a sweepstaker...

Reason number 10

"You can be the only person you know who's not a thief and still has three TVs in every room!"

Reason number 9

"Unexplained trips to the post office!"

Reason number 8

"Stamps are oooh-so-very cheap!"

Reason number 7

"You could end up rich!"

Reason number 6

"You get to learn a whole new language and say things like NAZ and DOB!"

Reason number 5

"Vacations, vacations, vacations!"

Reason number 4

"Online entry!"

Reason number 3

"Things like... Free ice cream for a year!"

Reason number 2

"You can do it in your bathrobe!"

And the Number 1 Reason to be a Sweepstaker is...

"Sweepstaking rules!"

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