Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sanford Office Products Review

In our home, office supplies are a valuable commodity. Each of my sons and I have jobs we work from home, so a well-stocked office is a basic necessity. A variety of needs requires a good variety of supplies. Of course, just running the household itself also requires some of these things.

So, I was happy when our friends at Shoplet sent this bundle for review. It came with some of the supplies we can all use. For home office use, or for household use,it's always good to have these things handy. All of these items are part of the Sanford community of brands.

Included in this bundle were the following:

PaperMate DryLine Correction Tape
PaperMate Mates Mechanical Pencils
PaperMate Effortless Glide Ballpoint Pens
Sharpie Electro Pop Permanent Markers

As any avid sweeper knows, these things are also part of the tools of the trade. Mail-in sweepstakes are often an artistic endeavor. Anything you can do to call attention to your entry, and hence get it picked, is part of the process and strategies. Bright colors and hand-decorating always adorn my envelopes, when the rules allow. This bundle has plenty of that eye-catching appeal, perfectly suited for this, and plenty more.

PaperMate DryLine Correction Tape

This is one of those indispensable items. The few bills I pay by mail I generally send in pre-stamped envelopes. So, I always have a fear of botching up the address or something, and wasting the stamp. So, having correction tape on hand helps alleviate that issue. It's also good for use on forms, contracts, copies, or basically anything you put on paper.

This correction tape glides on effortlessly. Application is smooth and precise. The width is at 5 mm, so it could be used with any variety of forms that may have small boxes to write in. The thing I really like is that it dries instantly, so you can fix an error immediately.

The case is light and ergonomic, making it easy to use. This two-pack holds a total of 27.9 feet of correction tape. That's enough to correct an awful lot of mistakes!

PaperMate Mates Mechanical Pencils

The first thing I liked about these pencils was the variety of colors. I always enjoy office supplies that come in bright colors. I think it adds cheer to the room. They also have the appeal of the usual type pencil, with a similar look and design. Something about that brings me back to my school years, and feels rather homey!

Still, once you get past the look and get into its design, these pencils are perfectly suited to the way you hold a pencil when you write. They have a subtle triangular shape, though the edges are more rounded. Thus, your thumb and the two fingers you use to hold it, each has a perfect spot to rest.

These pencils use standard #2 lead, so will work for those "official" tests that call for it. To advance the lead as it wears down, just click the eraser. The lead is refillable, so there is no need to replace the whole pencil once it's used up. The eraser is ample and generously sized. This, too, can be popped right out, to replace when it's used up.

This is perfect for mapping my vertical garden for next year. This was the first year I've had it, and it's been less than perfect. There will be a lot of thought going into this process, and I'm sure it will change many times!

PaperMate Effortless Glide Ballpoint Pens

These pens come in such a nice variety of colors. Each pen's color matches the color of its ink. They are really very pretty. The grip is perfectly placed, and comfortable to use. These pens are light and rest nicely in the hand.

I think these pens are aptly called "Effortless Glide." They really do glide nicely. There is a protector on the tip when you take them from the package, so this effortless glide is effective from the very first use. The ink doesn't skip, nor does it leave those messy globs that some pens do. In fact, the ink dries instantly, so it doesn't smear.

These are a medium point pen. I've been thinking, as of late, that it's important to preserve the art of writing. It seems that modern technology is slowly eliminating it. These pens are nicely conducive to things like writing letters, so, I think I may just find a penpal and do that!

Sharpie Electro Pop Permanent Markers

Sharpies are such a handy thing to have. These are an ultra fine point, so are extremely versatile. I will be using these for labeling foods in freezer baggies, labeling files in the filing cabinet, labeling the garden with garden tape, and so much more. The uses really are nearly endless.

This particular collection of colors is a limited edition, so you won't always be able to get them. The colors really pop, and will stand out in whatever use you choose to utilize them for.

These do not have that marker smell that so many markers do. I like this. Yet, the permanency endures for the many projects that I use them for. There really is nothing that can replace a Sharpie!

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for my impartial review. All opinions are my own.

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